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Haddy N'jie


Haddy N'jie - Gambian Norwegian composer and singer who released her first album in 2005. Reviewers called it "impressive", "sensationally strong" and "one of the best newcomers in a long time". She also does theatre, music and humour with the African Norwegian group Queendom. 

Haddy is also a journalist by profession.


"I was born on one of those rear tropical Norwegian summer nights when Oslo is buzzing with people who actually are warm enough to look each other in the eye. And maybe even smile. In 1979 Norway was still a very white country (it still is, but we’ve managed to blend in some pigment during the last 20 years) and all the other mothers thought I was born with hepatitis. They had never seen such a yellow baby. But when my dad finally, and proudly, entered the room they understood that there was no hepatitis, just Gambian genes.

I started working in television when I was eleven and ended up as a journalist, working as a freelancer for different Norwegian magazines.

Christmas Eve 2000 I was living in Granada, Spain and my boyfriend bought me a guitar. One thing followed another. I started writing songs. Moved back to Norway and held my first concerts. In 2005 I released my first album; “White lies” and I'm working on the second one.

My other great love is Queendom. We are five women of Norwegian, African and Caribbean descent creating meaningful, poetic, musical humour. I love it!"